What We're All About

How we got this idea.

In 2002, An Executive Director of a temple needed a way to prevent younger guests from disrupting the service. The Temple hired two local college students as an experiment to see if their presence made a difference. Today, B’nai Bouncers Inc. provides exemplary professional chaperone services to temples, party venues and families throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. B’nai Bouncers specialize in Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Sweet Sixteen’s, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, School Dances, or any function with younger guests


The guy behind it all.

Jason Moskowitz, founder and CEO, provides professional chaperone services at a local temple while completing his education at the University of Connecticut. He quickly realized how important it is to provide families with peace of mind during their events, which is how B’nai Bouncers was formed. Jason prides himself on offering professionals that blend in with the party to offer effective yet enjoyable chaperone services. He still personally works at the majority of the parties B’nai Bouncers has the opportunity to chaperone. He currently resides in Stamford, CT with his fiance Jenna and their cat, Mochi.

Why we love doing it.

We pride ourselves on providing the hosts with the level of comfort they deserve to enjoy their party while making sure the younger guests are safe, respectful and having fun. Hire B’nai Bouncers for your next event. You enjoy yourself; we’ll take care of the rest!