Who, What, Where, When...?

Check out some of the questions other clients have asked about Bnai Bouncers Chaperone Service. Have a question about our Chaperone Service? No worries, just reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.



Do you provide chaperone services for transportation to and from the event?

Absolutely! Depending on the number of guests we provide chaperones to ensure everyone arrives at the event safely.

How do chaperones get transported to and from the events?

B’nai Bouncers provide their own transportation to and from your event.

Pricing & Booking

How much do you charge for an event?

Each event is unique and requires different chaperone services.   We recommend completing the questionnaire on our Contact Us page or contacting us directly to schedule a consultation.  We consider different criteria to offer you the best package for your event.

How far in advance do I need to book my event with B'nai Bouncers?

The more time we have to plan the better, but don’t be afraid to contact us for last minute chaperone services.

Event Services

How many chaperones do I need for my event?

Safety is our primary concern. We therefore require one chaperone per every forty young guests. Contact us so we can offer the best solution for your event.

Can you accommodate guests with special needs?

Yes. Our team includes experienced certified teachers for individuals with disabilities.

What areas do you service?

We currently provide chaperone services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our chaperones will also travel outside of our coverage area if needed.

What should we expect from the chaperones at the event?

Professional, courteous and attentive teams ensuring your guests are having fun safely and appropriately.

Do you provide chaperone services for other events aside from B’nai Mitzvahs?

B’nai Bouncers provides chaperone services for any event: Sweet Sixteen’s, Graduation Parties, School Functions and more.  We’ve even chaperoned a retirement party!  B’nai Bouncers is happy to chaperone any event.


Are you CPR (and other) certified?

All B’nai Bouncers are required to be CPR certified.